Clearance - Men's Western Shirts (limited to stock on hand)

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Mens Western Shirts (Discontinued - limited to stock on hand)


Lowest price ever offered at MONDIKI for such a quality shirt.  These shirts need to be gone so don't wait to get yours.  Due to the sale, sizes are now limited.  Those of you that wear these shirts can attest to the quality of them and that this price is "A Steal" of a price.  Don't settle for just one - get two, or three, or the remaining inventory in your size.

I need to state this again since some haven't read it - 

Some of these shirts have been traveling with us to festivals and may have slight soiling on the shoulders where dust has settled or our garment rack covers have rested on them.  These shirts clean up easily in the laundry.  All of these SALE shirts are purchased in "As Is" condition and are not returnable.

These shirts are being offered at the National Convention for the same price and there may be cases that inventory doesn't update properly.  Should you order and inventory is not available, we will gladly exchange your choice or refund your purchase price.  Please don't wait any longer to get yours!

One of MONDIKI's most popular garments, our Men's western shirts are an unmatched quality of their own.  100% USA made, these Men's shirts are a poly/cotton blend (65poly/35cotton) and are easy to care for making these shirts a favorite of many dancers around the country.  Notice our unique pocket style simulating a full flap of a man's western pocket?  It is our own unique open pocket design - no flaps to fuss with.  Have you ever been disappointed purchasing a shirt in your neck size only to find the sleeves either too short or too long?  You'll not have that problem here at MONDIKI.  Offered in 6 neck sizes from Small to XXXL, these shirts are available in two different sleeve lengths for each neck size!  No more being stuck with a shirt that won't fit.  Check out our sizing selections below:


SizeNeck Sleeve 
MONDIKI's typical sizes
S-S 14-14.5 29-30 inches
S-L 14-14.5 31-32 inches
M-S 15-15.5 32-33 inches
M-L 15-15.5 34-35 inches
L-S 16-16.5 33-34 inches
L-L 16-16.5 35-36 inches
XL-S 17-17.5 33-34 inches
XL-L 17-17.5 35-36 inches
XXL-S 18-18.5 34-35 inches
XXL-L 18-18.5 36-37 inches