Concho Belt - Black Leather w/Silver Conchos

$60.00 - $70.00
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SilvBlk Concho Belt

Shown here, this black leather concho belt has three bead arrangement options.  The most common is the bead arrangement of Silver, Black, White.  Enhanced further using silver conchos, this belt is versatile enough to wear with any arrangement of black and white garments.   Other arrangements are available and are too numerous to list each one here.  Please use the Contact Us form for assistance in creating the unique belt for your outfit.  We'll arrange for you to send us a picture of the skirt/ensemble you want a belt for.  We will then create a "mock-up" to represent what the belt would look like and send it back to you for your approval.  When approved, your work is done.  The rest is up to us. 

Please note:  Due to the popularity of these belts, inventory is not always readily available to ship immediately.  In cases such as this, we will make your belt and ship  when done.  This process usually takes about a week, unless we are traveling.  We will contact you once we receive your order to advise if shipping will not occur quickly.  Thank you for understanding.