Please do not ever include your Credit Card information in any e-mail that you send to us whereas it may be viewable to others!


 Where does the name MONDIKI come from and do you have a store?

The name is a combination of the former owners names Monica (MON) and Dick (DIKI)Krug of Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  Whereas MONDIKI formerly had a store in Lake Havasu City and Mesa, they have since been closed and all of the factory machines relocated to the shop north of Lake Havasu City.  No storefront exists today.

Since you don't have a store, can we come to your factory?

Absolutely.  However, be sure to call us at 928-846-0221 to see if we are home.  This phone number is monitored by a message machine so please leave a message.  We are often gone to Festivals throughout the country. Between our Festival travels, we spend much of our time at the facility in Arizona. If we are not traveling, you are welcomed any day of the week. 


Where do you get such beautiful fabrics?

We attend fabric shows throughout the year, which are just for manufacturers.  This ensures that we have the newest and best fabrics on the market to offer in our MONDIKI finest.


Can we order off of the website?

Absolutely!  Our new website is built with ease in mind.  We encourage you to take the time to "Register" as a user of our site.  Upon your next visit, simply login with your unique login information, and shopping has just become much easier.  We have incorporated a Secure Web Page specifically for the protection of your privacy.  Please feel free to complete the Secure Online Order Form, and rest assured that your information is safe.  We look forward to your order and will be happy to ship to your doorstep.

PRIVACY NOTICE:  MONDIKI does not participate in any transfer of customer information with any company in any place at any time.  Your information will never be sold, and will never be used in any way that is not authorized by you.  MONDIKI has no intent to be affiliated with any subsidiaries of any company that may do so.  Never believe any company soliciting your business by using the name MONDIKI.  It is not, at any time, authorized by MONDIKI.


Where will MONDIKI be next?

Good question  You will find on this website a "Festivals" button.  Simply click on it and find the calendar date that is closest to the date in question.  You will find the Festival, location, and dates associated with that weekend. If there are no dates close to your date in question, there is a pretty good chance that you will find us back at home in Arizona.


Do you still make club outfits?

Absolutely.  We like to think that the special attention required for club outfits is right up our ally.  MONDIKI is responsible for many club outfits around our country, with more interested parties contacting us each year.  We take pride in our efforts when coordinating with club member liaisons to achieve that special look that all members of the club can enjoy for years to come.   NOTE:  Should you be looking for club outfits, please call MONDIKI directly to discuss this.  Many of our products are created and presented online with limited quantities in mind.  We are happy to work with your club liaison to design (if needed) and coordinate your new club outfits. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, and Discover as well as checks & money orders.  Credit cards are the preferred forms of payment.  When paying by check or money order, your order may be delayed while the check/money orders are processed for payment. 


What is your Return Policy?

We at MONDIKI believe that your satisfaction should be "100% Guaranteed".  Therefore,

    We will gladly refund the purchase price (less shipping/handling) of any garment ordered from us within 30 days, excluding discounted/sale items, provided that the garment has not been altered or laundered and the tags are still attached.  After 30 days and up to 60 days, a store credit will be issued for the purchase price, (less shipping/handling).  When returning any garment(s) to us, return postage not guaranteed and must be paid by you.  Please place a letter inside the package explaining the reason for return.  Include in this letter your name, address and phone number.  Any garment returned to us without your contact information will be set aside until you make contact with us.  We strongly encourage you to contact MONDIKI when you have the need to return a product to us.


At MONDIKI's sole discretion, returns may be subject to a 15% restocking charge.  In addition,  any garment being returned for credit or exchange that has odors such as from smoking, pet dander, etc, will NOT be accepted for return.  You will be responsible for any shipping charges incurred by us to return such garments with odors or damages.  In short, please treat our garments with the same care and respect used during their creation to preserve your right for exchange or refund.


Do you ship out of the country?

Yes. See our Policy below.


International Orders Policy

1)            Anyone wishing to place an order from outside the United States of America, will need to email their complete shipping address to MONDIKI Square Dance in order to obtain accurate shipping costs calculated prior to the order being accepted. 

2)            MONDIKI Square Dance will not be responsible for any duty fees, customs fees, or any other related fees that may be charged by any governmental, state, or other entity for the right to export merchandise into your country, 

3)            Acceptable payment must be made and successfully processed prior to any order being shipped.

4)            Though shipping charges may be shown on the order page of our website, International orders will have different shipping charges that cannot be calculated until the order is placed.  Therefore, the shown shipping/handling fee added to every order shown on the website, is not applicable to International Orders. 

Thank you, in advance, for your understanding and your adherence to the above Return and Shipping Policies.  We appreciate your business. 

All prices of any items sold on our site, including shipping costs, as well as policies and procedures listed here, are subject to change at any time without notice. 

MONDIKI reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason.  Unfortunately, MONDIKI must place this notice within our pages to ensure that we retain this right.   We pray that we never need to enforce this.  In addition, MONDIKI reserves the right to, at it's sole discretion, make exceptions to these policies at any time.  Such exceptions are considered to be "ONE TIME ONLY" and do not set precedent or permanently change the policies/procedures as listed herein.


MONDIKI Square Dance


Did you know that Darrell & Carolyn were experienced Callers/Cuers?

Yes.  We are full of surprises!  We’d love the opportunity to come share our talents with you.  Perhaps you have a special dance function coming up and you’d like us to entertain you?  Simply give us a call and let’s talk about the possibilities.   Call us directly at 928-846-0221.  Should you have to leave a message, please include your name/club name and location, date of your dance event, and a good call back number.  You can also reach us via email:
Darrell – callerdarrell@aol.com, Carolyn – luv2q4you@aol.com.