What is the latest news about MONDIKI?

The time has come for us to quit traveling.  Many of you have been informed of this since you have been our loyal friends on the MONDIKI Square Dance facebook page for years.  So here is where we're at now.

All of MONDIKI's inventory is now in the hands of Petticoat Junction of Lynnwood, WA Bonnie has been one of our loyal distributors for a long time and was a very logical choice to become the sole distributor of our inventory.  As agreed with Bonnie, MONDIKI will continue to make skirts for Petticoat Junction for a period of time.  Once that period of time has expired, MONDIKI's manufacturing process will cease to exist, unless Petticoat Junction desires to move forward with that process.

Nothing has changed with regard to the quality of product you have come to expect from MONDIKI.  MONDIKI is also confident in Bonnie's ability to continue to provide all of our loyal customers that same customer service you've experienced over the years.

I speak for Carolyn too when I say that we have so enjoyed the past 15 years with all of you and look forward to "Getting to dance with you"!  Please continue to show Petticoat Junction that same loyalty and support you've extended to us over the past years.

Darrell & Carolyn


For more information on Petticoat Junction's store policies, please visit Petticoat Junction.