Sizes and Colors

Blouse Sizes
Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
Size: 8-10 Size: 12-14 Size: 16-18 Size: 20-22 Size: 24-26
Bust: 38-40 Bust: 42-44 Bust: 46-48 Bust: 50-52 Bust: 54-56


MONDIKI uses a "One Size" waistband which fits a range from 26" to 46".  No more do you need to be stuck with a waistband that is too large for a long skirt, or too small for a short skirt.  In addition, our skirt lengths do not include the 1 1/2" waistband.  This is important if you are ordering your skirts knowing your overall length.  Please be sure to calculate the difference with the waistband added when ordering your skirt length.  Any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.



MONDIKI is no longer making shirts.  Inventory is limited to stock on hand.   A useful Sizes/Sleeve length chart is available on the Men's Shirt page.  Please refer to it for information and feel free to use the Contact Us form for any questions.


All garments made here at MONDIKI, ladies blouses/skirts or men's shirts, are made from fabric provided on 125 yd rolls to ensure that the garments match in color each time they are made.  Even though we have been consistent in using the same fabric supplier for over 30 years, there will still be some minor color variations when changing from one roll to another.  We do our best, even when fulfilling orders, to ensure that all garments shipping together are of the same dye lot (if possible).
Cream White Black Red Rust Burgundy
cream.jpg white.jpg black.jpg red.jpg rust.jpg burgundy.jpg
Hot Pink Yellow Wedgewood Blue Royal Blue Navy Blue Turquoise
No longer available yellow.jpg wedgewood-blue.jpg royal.jpg navy-blue.jpg turquoise.jpg
Teal (Jade) Hunter Green Purple Brown Grey  
teal.jpg hunter-green.jpg purple.jpg brown.jpg grey.jpg