Unique 101 Navy Blue Swirl Skirts

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Unique 101 Navy Blue Swirl Skirt

Another quality skirt from MONDIKI! This unique swirl skirt boasts a most attractive design. It isn't just pretty laying on the petticoat, but even more gorgeous moving on the dance floor. 

All of our skirts have the same elastic at the waist, which fits 26" to 46" waists. At MONDIKI, you buy your skirts by the length that you like to wear. 

The cut on the bottom of the skirt creates a hem with high and low points. Your petticoat is meant to peek through the high points and meet the skirt at the low points. Swirl Skirts come in lengths: Short (19-20), Medium (21-22), and Long (23) measured from the bottom of the waistband to the hem.